INSIGHTS | World Internet Conference 2019: Dull, but important

6 min read
The plenary session of this year’s World Internet Conference (Image credit: Xinhua)

China gathered its tech elite—along with the part of the world that’s answering its calls—for the country’s annual internet conference last weekend.

Founded in 2014, the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?) is one of the main platforms the Chinese government uses to promote its vision of the internet. Just as in previous years, the conference featured big speeches from big names, including CEOs Robin Li of Baidu and Lei Jun of Xiaomi. Unlike previous years, however, most of Silicon Valley’s tech giants were absent, although other major American companies with better market access continued to attend. With the trade war in the background, this wasn’t surprising. Indeed, the sixth edition of the conference had fewer surprises, with minimal English-language coverage from domestic and international media. TechNode, unfortunately, was not

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