Inspired by technology’s power and potential, we invite you to join us at TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019, which will take place from November 11 to 12 at Shenzhenwan Chuangye Plaza, Shenzhen with the theme – “Technology, Unbounded.” Through the Main Stage, Side Stages, Startup Alley, VC Meetup, and Hardware Battlefield, TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019 will showcase the power of cutting-edge technology. Representatives from multinational corporations such as QQ Music, Airbus, Huawei, and BYD Company, more than 250 top startups, and more than 100 top investment firms will be joining the summit this year.

Main Stage

At TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019, we will bring top entrepreneurs and industry experts and focus on hot topics including 5G, artificial intelligence, the international expansion of companies, and the ecosystem of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (simply known as the “Greater Bay Area”). Some of the confirmed main stage speakers are General Manager of Tencent Music Chen Hu, Airbus China CFO Philipp Visotschnig, President of Huawei’s Handsets Product Kevin He, General Manager of BYD Auto Product Planning and New Technology Research Institute at BYD Dongsheng Yang, Vice Chairman and President of Xiaopeng Motors Brian Gu, Founding Managing Partner of Qiming Ventures Duane Kuang, Co-founder and CTO of Playground Global, Peter Barret, Founder and CEO of PCH International, Liam Casey, Co-founder and CEO of WHILL Inc. Satoshi Sugie, and Founding Managing Partner at China Creation Ventures Wei Zhou.

Side Stages

To provide attendees with opportunities to dive deeper into a particular topic, we will work with our partners to hold several Side Stages such as “How Do We Make Sports More Fun? Tech!,” “Emerge by TechNode,” “Crossing Borders and Fueling Collaboration,” “New Media Marketing,” and the first Nanshan Intellectual Property Development Forum.

How Do We Make Sports More Fun? Tech!

Currently, China’s sports industry is rapidly developing due to a national trend for fitness, the government’s vigorous promotion, and the accelerated construction of sports venues. Rapid technological development has also spurred several developments in the sports industry. Innovative sports products and equipment, exercise and fitness, sports tourism, and sports training and events have become new areas for consumption growth. According to the national fitness plan issued by the State Council, it is estimated that China’s sports industry will be worth 1.5 trillion RMB by 2020.

At “How Do We Make Sports More Fun? Tech!,” Operator of IDG Asia Sports Industry Development Center and President of Lushi Technologies Bin Wen, Co-founder of New York Jiachuang Capital Yong Zhu, China Israel Chamber of Commerce Shenzhen Representative Jin You, CEO of Shenzhen Weisu Intelligent Technologies Shaoyi Yang, Founder of BalanceX Zhang Yuqi, Ximmerse Shenzhen Virtual Reality Jie He, and Chairman and General Manager of AI Motion Sports Yufan Wang will discuss the state of the global services industry, innovative products in various industries such as sports training, sports events, sports retail and sports equipment, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the sports industry.

Emerge by TechNode

At Emerge by TechNode, we will discuss in-depth emerging technology trends, and through professionals’ analysis of the cloud-based games, reshape the video game industry and mass customization in China––the next outlets for retail and manufacturing industries.

Cloud games have the potential to revolutionize China’s gaming industry. China is one of the largest gaming markets in the world, with nearly 700 million users. In this forum, we invited Technical Director of Tencent Cloud Games Yu Yang and long-time analyst of Asia’s internet industry David Dai to discuss the biggest challenges and room for growth that face cloud games in China, including the current state of the internet, the launch of 5G, and the dynamic changes that cloud games can bring to the Chinese gaming industry.

In China, the Customer to Manufacturer (C2M) business model, which connects manufacturers and consumers to produce customized products at a lower price, is on the rise. Through cooperation among manufacturers, online retailers, consumer brands, and artificial intelligence companies, China’s mass customization will become a reality. Victor Tseng, Vice President of Corporate Development at Pinduoduo, and Dan Kong, Senior Investment Director of Beifeng Capital, will attend Emerge to discuss the current C2M landscape in China.

Southeast Asia: Crossing Borders and Fueling Collaboration

In cooperation with TechCrunch, a well-known technology blog in the United States, Miaohui hopes to build a lasting platform for all participants to share and exchange their views and ideas. Miaohui hopes to work with relevant industry enterprises and experts to analyze the latest trends and difficulties of startups breaking into foreign markets, particularly Southeast Asia. At Crossing Borders and Fueling Collaboration Side Stage, we aim to increase the understanding of the foreign investment environment, the business environment, and legal system and prepare startups for expanding into Southeast Asia by examining why startups are trying to expand into Southeast Asia, analyzing the different environments, laws, and regulations in Southeast Asian countries, and providing in-depth analysis of experts and legal workers through a roundtable forum.

New Media Marketing in the 5G era

The 5G era is coming. 5G will not only change many aspects of our lives but also the development of most industries. Video has become the mainstream form of media communication, and the traditional media industry will undoubtedly change to adapt to this new development. Following the four traditional media platforms (newspaper, outdoor, radio, and television), new media is called “the fifth media.” The lines among communication, broadcasting, commerce, transportation and other fields are increasingly blurry. As a result, people’s lifestyles have changed, and so have marketing tactics. To succeed in this era of new media, companies must invest in product promotion and marketing. At New Media Marketing side stage, we will invite Wei Zhao, CTO of Social Touch, Weijing Jiang, Executive Director of Manner, Jiajun Li, Founder of Hongdianzi, Shijie Huo, Author of Shuaping, Hong Jiang, Editor at LinkedIn, and Carri Yeung, Corporate Account Manager, APAC at Dragon Social to discuss how media innovation is revolutionizing marketing practices.

Emerging Markets: Investment Opportunities

This side stage brings on a power-packed bunch of speakers from Southeast Asia, ranging from renowned VC/PEs to prominent Startups. The interactive side stage will include panels, conversations and live Q&A sessions to engage attendees. We are honored to have Joe Zhang, Principal at TNB Aura, Donald Wihardja, Partner at Convergence Ventures, Chin Chao, CEO at Innoven Capital, Amy Zhao, Head of IR at Openspace Ventures, Eudora Wang, Senior Reporter at Deal Street Asia, David Jou, CEO at Pomelo, Travis Liu, Co-Founder & CEO at MagicWe, Linden Li, Co-Founder at GOBA TV, Ding Peng, Head of Singapore at CICC, Chris Tran, Founder/Head of Asia at North Ridge Partners, Kimiko, Founder of YellowBlocks, Charles Debonneuil, Founder & CEO at Intrepid Group(Co-Founder/ex-CMO of Lazada Group), Aaron Tan, Co-Founder at Carro, Louis Li, Founding Partner at Pacific Founder Venture.

We aim to strip away any myths of investing in new markets and sieve out the best practices to identify the right opportunities.

The First Nanshan Intellectual Property Development Forum

On September 15, 2018, the Nanshan Intellectual Property Alliance was officially established with the support of members from all walks of life. The Alliance’s members include more than 100 domestic intellectual property advantage enterprises and more than 50 intellectual property service institutions. More than 30 industry-leading intellectual property specialists will form three expert committees on intellectual property strategy, rights protection, and operation to create an open, diversified, integrated, symbiotic, collaborative, and mutually beneficial intellectual property operation ecosystem. In order to successfully develop Shenzhen into a model city that practices socialism with Chinese characteristics, Nanshan District Intellectual Property Joint Meeting and Nanshan Intellectual Property Alliance will jointly hold the “First Nanshan Intellectual Property Alliance Annual Meeting” at Shenzhen Software Industrial Base, Nanshan District, Shenzhen on November 11-12, and work with TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019 to foster technological innovation and develop fintech intellectual property rights, provide comprehensive intellectual property services for participating startups, influence all links of innovation and creation, and take the lead in the “two-zone driven” strategic demonstration of the Greater Bay Area and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Startup Alley

Taking place November 11-12, TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019’s Startup Alley will bring together more than 250 startups specializing in smart hardware, 5G applications, healthcare, incubators, enterprise services, internet+, and intellectual property, from regions as diverse as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Israel. Winning startups from the Nanshan “Entrepreneurship Star” Competition sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government will also participate in Startup Alley.

A new 360-degree open workshop experience will be set up by HSBC, one of the large enterprise partners at TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019, focusing on the hot topics such as “how to make sense of the RMB exchange rate’s fluctuation” and “cross-border financing and fund management.” At the workshop, we will discuss HSBC’s leading cross-border financial services, innovative digital financial solutions, strong global business network, and other resources offered to help high-tech enterprises to capitalize on business opportunities and create economic value. All participants who are interested in digital banking solutions and cross-border corporate financing are welcome to participate!

TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019 Large Enterprise Partners:

Smart Hardware

At this year’s Startup Alley, you can expect to see a plethora of smart hardware devices, including but not limited to smart AI translators, Beidou Fuxing mobile phones, heavy-duty unmanned helicopters, hovercrafts, ground effect vehicles, electric bicycles, power-assisted bicycles, smart electric toothbrushes, smart audio glasses, professional 8K panoramic cameras, 3D boundless screen masks, visual navigation and target recognition technologies, smart trash-sorting waste bins, 3D-printed sports shoes, lung biopsy surgical robots, and Narwal floor cleaning robots.

Startup Incubators

At this year’s Startup Alley, incubators such as Funwork, One Piece Work, Technology Temple, Brinc, Antarctic Circle, Chuangpai (Shenzhen) Technologies, Shenzhen Zhongchuang, Shenzhen Shanhu Group, Shenzhen Tus Aidi, and Beijing Anchuang Space Technologies will be displaying their incubation products and services.

Enterprise Services

At Startup Alley, we will learn about the emergence of enterprise service solutions such as unstructured AI platforms for smart and creative enterprises, Omnitech unified business platforms, Jingchen, one-stop enterprise activity and marketing management SaaS platforms, SaaS solutions for B2B digital marketing, and more.


At Startup Alley, you can expect to see the technological applications of hypersensitive complex protein enzymes, Lihe service systems, medical-grade drinking water dispensers, and more.

5G Applications

The 5G Massive MIMO antenna system will be on display at Startup Alley. Large scale MIMO could provide enhanced broadband services and other benefits in the future.

VC Meetup

As an efficient investment platform, VC Meetup selects outstanding startups from China and abroad and gives startups and top VC firms of the same industry a chance to interact. Each entrepreneur will be given 10 minutes to interact with each representative from three different VC firms. This year, we expect to have almost 100 domestic and international investment firms in attendance, including Shenzhen Capital Group (深圳市创新投资集团有限公司), SAIF Partners (赛富基金), Qiming Venture Partners (启明创投), Zhen Fund 真格基金, Qingsong Fund 青松基金, CCV Capital 创世伙伴资本 and hundreds other more.

Hardware Battlefield

Hardware Battlefield is one of the highlights of TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019. With support from TechCrunch America, Hardware Battlefield will bring together start-ups from around the world that will compete to showcase their innovative products and services to many investors, media outlets (including TechCrunch America), entrepreneurs, and industry experts. Start-ups: don’t miss this great opportunity to receive valuable feedback, international recognition, and investment offers!

Media Day

Time: November 10, 3:30 – 6:00 p.m. | Location: One Piece Work

At Media Day, we will invite enterprises and partners to participate. The purpose of Media Day is to provide enterprises who plan to expand their business and partners who seek media exposure at home and abroad with the opportunity to communicate with TechCrunch and TechNode journalists, a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable venue, and an exquisite tea break––all to create the best possible environment for media interaction.

For any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please contact: Juan Wang at

VIP Dinner (Invitation only)

Time: November 11, 6:00-9:00 p.m. | Location: Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bay

Sponsored by HSBC, VIP Dinner will bring together industry leaders and top entrepreneurs in various fields. While tasting fine wine and other delicacies, industry leaders and top entrepreneurs can build and strengthen their professional relationships, promote cross-border cooperation, and create mutually beneficial business deals.

After Party

Time: November 11, 9:00 p.m. till late | Location: Baia Burger Concept, Shekou

Co-organized with La French Tech, we invite all TechCrunch speakers, participants, attendees, exhibitors and entrepreneurs to join us at Baia to enjoy a night of casual and relaxing networking session. Happy hour deal will be available throughout the night with a guest DJ and a rooftop view. Note: Admission only for those with TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019 passes.

Get your discounted pass HERE and see you there!

Emerge at TC Shenzhen | Side stage panels on cloud gaming and mass customization

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