INSIGHTS | Emerge at TC Shenzhen: The year China tech went global

5 min read
A metaphor for globalization, seen sailing off the coast of Shenzhen Nov 16, 2019. (Image credit: TechNode/David Cohen)

On November 11, TechNode was proud to host the 6th annual TechCrunch International City Event in Shenzhen. As part of the conference, TechNode’s English team put together an afternoon of in-depth content as part of the Emerge side stage, including topics such as cloud gaming, mass customization and customer-to-manufacturer (C2M), and the relationship between the China and India tech ecosystems.

It was a chance to reflect on the last year, and where China’s tech is going. I gave a short presentation on what I believe to be the megatrend for 2019: going global. I know, I know, you’ve probably heard this already for year’s now and, if you’re in touch with China’s startups and tech majors, the term chuhai (going overseas) is probably hackneyed at this point.

Bottom line: While giants like Alibaba and Tencent have made significant i

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