CHINA VOICES | JD’s vision of the future

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JD, Jingdong, new retail, automated convenience store, robots, ecommerce
Entrance to a JD unmanned convenience store (Image credit: Michael Norris)

This week, China Voices brings TechNode Squared members a detailed take on JD’s quest for profits, reprinted by courtesy of Huxiu. TechNode has not independently verified the claims made below. This article was co-authored by Jordan Schneider.

JD’s stock performance in 2019 has ticked up from its disastrous 2018, marred by a CEO rape accusation and the meteoric rise of rival Pinduoduo. The firm has since committed to prioritizing profit over scale as well as following its competitors down into third and fourth-tier cities. The following article by Huxiu’s Ran Liu reports on a recent JD-held conference where they laid out their plan to follow in Pinduoduo and Taobao’s footsteps of both emulating group buying, working directly with factories to develop new products, and increasing their reliance on retail wa

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