CHINA VOICES | Can VIPKID make a profit?

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VIPKID education app edtech marketing
VIPKID app, seen on Dec 10, 2019. When TechNode registered an account to capture this image, the photojournalist received a phone call from a VIPKID telemarketer within two minutes. (Image credit: TechNode/Shi Jiayi)

This week, China Voices brings TechNode Squared members a timely report VIPKID’s early promise and current troubles, translated by courtesy of LatePost. TechNode has not independently verified the claims made below. Additional reporting by Emma Lee.

VIPKID, an online English language teaching platform, occupies a unique place in US-China tech relations. Since its founding in 2013, CEO Wendy Mi has grown the company to the point where tens of thousands of Americans daily teach hundreds of thousands of Chinese. LatePost charts the growth of the firm, outlining how strategic decisions to focus on upmarket customers, create a strong sales culture, and prioritize growth over all else gav

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