CHINA VOICES | Can Mafengwo turn reviews into profit?

7 min read
Screenshots of Mafengwo app (Image credit: TechNode)

This week, Technode’s translation column takes on a deep dive into the content-profits disconnect, looking at travel site Mafengwo with a translation carried by courtesy of Rencaijing. This article was co-authored by Jordan Schneider.

The first time I heard about Mafengwo (literally “hornets’ nest”) was in 2013, when it was only a website for travel guides and photo essays. Over the years, it’s been trying to monetize from user-generated content, first through mobile translation apps and later adopting the TripAdvisor model, integrating hotel and tour booking features onto the platform. Unlike TripAdvisor they don’t rely on a dominant search player for traffic, but Tencent, an investor, has not yet committed to gi

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