Recently, Cheetah Mobile has joined hands with Orion Star, a robotics company they invested in, to launch epidemic prevention and control robotic solutions for medical systems across China. All three versions of the smart epidemic prevention and control robots are equipped with Orion Star Robot OS.  On top of the basic functions such as natural voice communication, facial recognition, hospital navigation, the robots are now customized to help guide preliminary diagnosis and treatment, primary disclosure of medical information and fixed-point delivery of medical supplies in primary hospitals in the fight of coronavirus epidemic across the country. 

Cheetah Mobile ’s robotic medical system epidemic prevention and control program aims to reduce the workload of medical staff and reduce the risk of infection by using robots to undertake a large number of simple but labor-intensive processing tasks such as pre-diagnosis, house inspection, and delivery within a certain range. The Orion Star’s “Intelligent Epidemic Prevention and Control Robot” is designed around the core concept of “contactless processing”. Acting as the middle ‘person’, it helps collect patients’ data and conduct communication between medical staff and patients via videos and pictures of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control knowledge digitally. Patients can also contact medical staff directly through the robot via video call when necessary. The robot is especially useful when it comes to monitoring quarantined wards. Doctors and medical staff can now use robots to communicate remotely and perform routine examinations for patients remotely.

These robots are equipped with an infrared temperature measurement system, which can perform non-contact high-precision body temperature measurement while minimizing the risk of cross-infection and complete group and individual body temperature monitoring in crowded scenes in real-time. The same function can be used in other scenarios such as residential compounds, shopping malls, and corporate offices.

Ultimately, the robots can help ease the workload of medical staff in simple but labor-intensive tasks such as the delivery of test orders, drugs, protective supplies, medical waste, etc., in order for medical staff to have more rest time and attend to their more important core tasks. All robots will be sterilized by medical staff periodically to avoid cross-infection between hospital staff and patients.

As of now, Orion Star’s “Intelligent Epidemic Prevention and Control Robots” are being used in Peking University Shougang Hospital, Beijing Haidian Hospital, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, and Zhengzhou’s Xiaotangshan Hospital.

Editor’s note: This is part of our ongoing Tech for Good series, highlighting how Chinese tech companies are helping fight the impact of the coronavirus. This was originally written by Zhang Yi, a writer for our sister site, TechNode Chinese. Read the Chinese version here

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