During the coronavirus epidemic, the elevator has become a high-risk area. In order to avoid transmission via contact between people and elevator keys, Huawei Cloud IoT and Wanglong Intelligence have teamed up to launch a “contactless elevator smart system”. 

The system is operated on the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform, using centralized management access to elevators control, cameras, Bluetooth and other multi-subsystem linkages to reserve the elevator through a mobile APP, WeChat Mini Program or a Mobile Bluetooth. In addition to solving the issue of physical contact with the elevator, the system also solves the issues of long waiting time and unauthorized use of traditional elevators.

The system uses face recognition, mobile phone Bluetooth, Bluetooth card, two-dimensional code as identification methods to quickly identify the user and dispatch the nearest elevator to the user’s floor. After the user enters the elevator, the destination floor is automatically lit. The user does not need to operate the elevator manually during the whole journey, and hence achieving the goal of a contactless elevator ride. 

Editor’s note: This is part of our ongoing Tech for Good series, highlighting how Chinese tech companies are helping fight the impact of the coronavirus. This was originally written by Zhang Yi, a writer for our sister site, TechNode Chinese. Read the Chinese version here

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