JD Logistics issued an announcement on its WeChat public account today saying that in response to the urgent needs of Hubei Provincial Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters, JD cooperated with the Hubei Provincial Government to officially build its emergency material supply chain management platform. The platform provides a full visual-tracking process of the production, inventory, allocation, and distribution of protective clothing, masks, goggles and other materials that are deemed urgent to fight the epidemic. On top of that, it also assists with an accurate measurement, scientific scheduling and reasonable distribution of medical supplies in Hubei.

Because there are many types of anti-epidemic materials, it is difficult to match the front-line anti-epidemic needs and the timely collection of materials in the traditional way. Under such circumstances, JD Logistics provides a customized solution for Hubei, integrating all data and information on anti-epidemic materials in a digital form, and centralized management by a systematic supply chain platform, thereby providing powerful logistical support for the fight against the epidemic.

 According to the design of the platform, demanders, purchasers, and suppliers are required to complete the procurement information and logistics in order to achieve fast and accurate matching of supply and demand at the front end of the supply chain.

JD Logistics representative said that after the platform goes online, it will achieve two goals:

  • To ensure that the front-end can handle more complex input of material information while the back-end can connect with different logistics data with openness and transparency;
  • To integrate front-end procurement, inventory management, and cargo flow with big data management with the processes of warehousing, signing, acceptance, and reviewing to facilitate the allocation and management of materials in order to increase efficiency

On January 21, JD.com has started to provide emergency medical transportation for local pharmaceutical companies in Hubei, and has opened the “Priority Order Delivery Service for Medical Institution-Specified Orders” and “Voluntary Transportation Channels for Rescue Materials in Wuhan Across the Country”. 

As of February 10, JD Logistics has delivered more than 2,000 tons of epidemic prevention materials and emergency supplies for people’s livelihoods to Wuhan and its surrounding areas, while providing services in Hubei within the capacities of infrastructure, supply chain, technology, and manpower. Including Jingdong Logistics, Jingdong Group has invested a total of nearly 200 million yuan of donations in protection and medical supplies, transportation capacity assistance to Hubei, and livelihood insurance for Hubei and other severely-affected areas.

Editor’s note: This is part of our ongoing Tech for Good series, highlighting how Chinese tech companies are helping fight the impact of the coronavirus. This was originally written by Steven Lee, a writer for our sister site, TechNode Chinese. Read the Chinese version here

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