Since the end of January, Transwarp has been delivering medical supplies to Wuhan, Huanggang, and other affected areas. At the same time, the company’s top technical team was assembled to participate in the epidemic prevention and control initiatives with the community.

Recently, Transwarp has promised to help end the epidemic by providing its data analysis services and online training courses for epidemic analysis free of charge to national government agencies, universities, and research institutes.

Online training, big data analysis, and big data platforms

The three services offered are Transwarp products on the cloud and online training, big data intelligent analysis services, and big data platforms (private cloud deployment). At the same time, Transwarp is also using big data technology to continuously support government departments and operators in epidemic data analysis, contributing to the epidemic prevention, control, and prediction.

Transwarp University Online is an online scientific research and cloud-learning platform for big data and artificial intelligence technology. This platform provides a one-stop learning solution for governments, universities, and research institutes.

Transwarp’s data intelligent cloud service platform is a cloud computing-based big data intelligent analysis service. With the leading technology of “ABC (AI, Big Data and Cloud) ”, it provides users with one-stop plug and play, flexible and scalable data analysis with intelligent modeling capabilities.

Based on this platform, users can quickly complete the study of classic case modeling online, and customize the full life-cycle development of machine learning from data feature engineering, model training to model launching. This cloud service platform eliminates the need for users to install, deploy and maintain tedious tasks. The software and hardware of the data analysis platform allow customers to focus on intelligent analysis of business data and mine data value accurately.

The other free big data platform products include Transwarp Data Hub (private cloud deployment), analytical databases (Transwarp Inceptor and Transwarp ArgoDB), real-time stream computing engine (Transwarp Slipstream), knowledgebase (Transwarp Search and Transwarp StellarDB), operational database (Transwarp Hyperbase) and a data science platform (Transwarp Discover). These platforms can be used for epidemic prevention, control, and data analysis effectively.

Editor’s note: This is part of our ongoing Tech for Good series, highlighting how Chinese tech companies are helping fight the impact of the coronavirus. This was originally written by Zhang Yi, a writer for our sister site, TechNode Chinese. Read the Chinese version here

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