Designed for senior leaders and decision-makers who are involved in implementing innovation strategy within their organizations, TechNode’s Corporate+ membership offers companies an all-in-one service. The program includes access to insightful innovation news, VIP seats in high-quality conferences, and networking opportunities through city tours, to help businesses across China accelerate innovation and source the right startups.

The industrial summits series is the highlight of our offerings in our latest TechNode Corporate+ Membership Program.

Starting from August 2020, TechNode will launch a series of industrial summits, focusing on the fields of medtech, foodtech, bio-intelligence, AI, big data, and energy technology.

The summits will take place in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze-River Delta, southwest China, and the ASEAN region. They will integrate online-to-offline (O2O) experiences, empowering participants to get the best out of the events.

Why should you join?

  1. Curated Insights
    • We offer bilingual industrial reports and tech trend news to keep you in the know
  2. Exclusive Networking Opportunities
    • VIPs access to our networking events with corporate executives from top Chinese tech companies
  3. Corporate Member Privilege
    • Corporate members are entitled to a special discount on our corporate innovation and media services
    • Member will have the opportunity to be invited as a judge at TechNode annual tech events such as the Asia Hot-Tech Battle, hackathons, and roadshows
    • Access to our database of startup intelligence, which collects information on the newest and most up-and-coming startups
  4. Professional PR Service
    • We offer professional PR service on all our media channels

TechNode Corporate+ Membership Program is offering two levels of memberships: SVIP and VIP with their respectively offerings listed in the following chart.

Limited corporate memberships available, contact now to learn more.

Based in Shanghai, Suzanne builds and promotes TechNode domestically and globally by designing and implementing online and offline marketing campaigns and events. A Global Studies graduate from St. Lawrence...