Telecom giant Nokia has won two patent lawsuits in Germany, effectively banning major Chinese smartphone brands Oppo and OnePlus from selling phones in the country. The suits claimed that Oppo, which merged with OnePlus last year, violated Nokia’s standard-essential patents (SEP). Nokia and Oppo reached a patent deal in 2018, but when it expired in 2021, Nokia filed patent infringement complaints in multiple markets across Europe and Asia. Nokiapoweruser, a media outlet focused on the Finnish telecommunications firm, cited a Nokia spokesperson as saying, “The regional court in Mannheim has ruled for the second time, this time on a cellular standard essential patent, that Oppo is using Nokia’s patented technologies in its smartphones and is selling them illegally without a license.” Oppo, which has reportedly filed counter complaints, did not respond to TechNode’s inquiry for comment. [Nokiapoweruser]