China Audio-Video Copyright Association released a new remuneration standard based on the third amendment of the country’s copyright law on Monday, stating that hosts and platforms must pay the owners of music titles and lyrics when using them in streaming. The standard detailed the specific charging plans. Livestreams where hosts sing songs will need to pay background music for RMB 300 ($44.4) annually, RMB 83 quarterly, or RMB 29 monthly. If one uses these songs as background music, the prices go down to RMB 100 annually, RMB 26 quarterly, or RMB 10 monthly. However, the costs go up much more for e-commerce livestreams. They must pay RMB 10,000 annually, RMB 2,777 quarterly, or RMB 980 monthly. The standard has taken effect on Monday for testing, according to the announcement. [DoNews, in Chinese]