Denza on Tuesday unveiled a service program which allows electric vehicle owners to order valet charging and provides emergency fast charging services with mobile charging vans, as BYD’s premium car brand ramps up efforts to improve service and drive demand. The automaker has launched the services in Shenzhen, home to its headquarters, as well as Shanghai and Guangzhou, with plans to expand coverage across China, general manager Zhao Changjiang told reporters during a press event. Zhao added that delivery will begin as early as July for Denza’s second model the N7, an electric crossover that has dual charging ports for speedy refuelling and a price range of between RMB 350,000 and RMB 450,000 ($49,265-$63,341). The brand delivered 44,491 units of its D9 multi-purpose vehicles as of April. [Denza announcement, in Chinese]