TOTALCHINESE has released its BETA 2 yesterday, a forward step towards its integration of Personal and Commercial Business Search Engine. Now it is much closer to a E-ecommerce portal (the Paypal online payment will be integrated with TOTALCHINESE soon!).

User Experience:

  • Search and browse for the UK-wide Chinese Business including chinese restaurant, takeaway, education service, business consultant, etc
  • An easy editor panel for user to create his/her own website to publish their products or services. An example of this site can be found here
  • Upload his/her second hand product into TOTALCHINESE. The user can use tags to better describe his products and use the product search engine to find a bargain stuff posted by others. In the future, the user can even do the online payment to buy the stuff from TOTALCHINESE. It is also promised to be a free service, i.e. TOTALCHINESE will not take any portion of the payment from the transaction.

Still long way to go for TOTALCHINESE, since some of the features appear still at the initial stage. However, it is a very good trial and also web2.0-concerned website. It is a mashup, and also integrate some new approach to publish the content, e.g. RSS.

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