Modim (MObile Do It Myself) Co. Ltd, a Beijing-based startup focusing on mobile content creation and delivery have released its two key products: PangHuLu and

PangHuLu is a J2ME software (download) which allow you to subscribe a RSS feed by simply taking a picture of a QR bar code. The user can also use it to publish blog posts and or photos to their blogs, and even play mp3 and video. is a social flash contents portal. It provides some convenient tools for users to create, mix or mashup contents. Users can create their slides by adding photos, text and even music, and share it with friends. The flash slide show can also be sent to the author’s friend’s mobile device as a MMS.

Both services worth giving a try since it is the very first experiment in this chinese market, expecially I like the idea of subcribing a RSS, which is very convinient for mobile users. However it is too early to say Modim will be a winner in the world-wide Mobile Web2.0 market. The core of PangHuLu is actually a two-dimensional code reader which is actually not a new toy. It is created by a japanese coroperation Denso-Wave (WiKi is here) and Japan has quite a lot commercial usage based on this and a USA-based similar service is also available from They are deliverying different contents, though. As for the online slide show creators, The competition among them is already touch. The similar products include SplashCast, FlipTrack,, etc. They all provide much complicate tools for creating slide show, and also has a chinese version.

PangHuLu has reached around 10,000 mobile users. Talked to the founder of Modim, a pioneer in the mobile VAS SP market – Chuanyi Xue, he is very positive about the market and also mentioned that the aimed to be an open content delivery platform which will be available for affiliated third parties, mainly content providers, to deliver their content to users via internet and/or wireless network in timely manner.

The winners and losers in this market will be determined as much by the target customer, marketing strategies and luck as by technology.

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