FeedSky, th e largest Chinese feed management provider has just launched its Beta 3 early this week. “It is mainly a UI update with some performance enhancement”, told by its CEO, Xinxin Lv.The web2.0 market is still quite young in China, but the concepts of web2.0, such as blogging have been rapidly spread out through the country. Reported by the China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC): by August 2006, the number of bloggers has reached approx. 17.485 million and 33.747 million blog spaces have been registered. The main competitor, world-wide RSS service provider FeedBurner reports on its Fast Facts and Stats, it has total 477,530 feeds registered. but the Beijing-based FeedSky, launched in July 2005, has just announced its company milestone: 1.5 million feeds have been registered and it has the partnerships with over 30 BSPs and 40 medias from mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwai. Feedsky obviously has become the dominating service provider in Chinese market and going to be the largest feed management provider in the world.

Feedsky just closed its first round venture funding. “The UI update is a sign of our next round growing-up”, Xinxin said, “A few killer services will be launched very soon”. This new version of Feedsky is at the stage of private test. This new version has integrated some social-networking elements: the users with the same interests can join the group; the feeds managed by a user can be shared by the others. Xinxin didnot reveal the details to me, but I am really expecting this.

Feedsky definitely will be one of the key contacts if someone wants to get into Chinese blog market. Blog-based services such as Google Blog Search are expected to play a much more important role in Internet Contents market in the coming 2007, I am quite expecting any connection between Feedsky and these services, especially those from western world.

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