Since March this year, HiPiHi has gone through three phases in its private test period. It will finally enter the 4th phase in which the economic system and social systems will be introduced, which is really an exciting news to the HiPiHi residents. Even though HiPiHi world is still in test and currently in Chinese only, it has attracted lots of attention from the world. We brought up a question last month: Is HiPiHi expanding its virtual world to the world. The answer is definitely a Yes and here HiPiHi is expecting the feedbacks from its current and potential International users: What is your most concerned HiPiHi policies? I am sure your votes and comments will be very welcome by the HiPiHier.

Mr. Hui Xu, CEO and founder of HiPiHi is also invited to give speech in First Virtual Worlds Fall Conference and State of Play V. If you are based in U.S or Singapore and want a meet-up with him, feel free drop me an email and I will be happy to forward you to him directly.

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