Second Life has a real agency based in Beijing as we first reported; Intel is about launching a 160,000 square meters land in HiPiHi; VS Sassoon also set up a virtual salon inside HiPiHi; NOVOKing will announce its partner sooner or later; All sound very exciting, the era of Chinese virtual world seems coming. It won’t take long, we (actually our avatars) can visit many big brand’s office, attend some events, have the hair treatment virtually, buy some nice furniture, meet the virtual girl friend, the second life can be beyond your imagination. But the fact is we have to live in our first life and do the things we love to do daily.

Some people think Virtual World is the Web 3.0 to differentiate with the current Internet (Web 2.0) where my first life (namely, my real life) relies on. In my Internet life, I have my social network on Facebook and Linkedin, watch the video on YouTube and many others, enjoy the photos on Flickr, read tens of RSS feeds, etc. If I live in the virtual world, I hope that I would be able to enjoy my real life too.

Seriously, we need do something to link the experience in the real life with the virtual one. Think about it, our avatars can log into our Flickr account, pick up some nice shots, frame them and put them on the wall of our virtual home; When the avatars turn on the TV, we can search for the videos on YouTube and watch them; Our Gmail can be virtually posted to the virtual house; Even more crazy, our Linkedin social networks can be directly mapped into the virtual world. Open up the virtual world, we need build some real stuff (applications, services, etc) inside it to let people not feel they are living in the virtual life.

If Second Life or HiPiHi or NOVOKing or any other wants to be the next Google or next Facebook, then we need Not just the new virtual buildings, virtual events…

For you to read and think: SecondLife got its own Facebook applications;

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