I have been wondering who would be the first OpenSocial partner in China for days. I learned from Isaac Mao that Wealink.com, the Chinese Linkedin would support OpenID and was also considering OpenSocial; Bruce Wang, CTO of Linkist.com which is another popular Social Networks talked with me in Beijing two weeks ago, he also said his site would look into OpenSocial too. How about Xiaonei.com, the copycat of Facebook, 51.com which claims the No.1 social network (with 60+ million registered users and more than half million online users) and even Zhanzuo.com which was reported to be acquired by Facebook early this month (it turned out just a rumor)? I don’t know, but I think they don’t need to care about it, at least for now. The news I heard yesterday is that Tianji.com, another social network has announced to be the first Chinese partner of OpenSocial, which really surprised me. It can be confirmed on OpenSocial’s partners list and also on Tianji’s official blog.

Tianji got a nice slogan saying Your Social Networks Are Beyond Your Imagination. So who are behind Tianji? Derek Ling, CEO of Tianji, was a Vice President at Sina.com and held senior positions at Motorola and Apple. Derek also founded QZone which became the largest youth entertainment community in China within 6 months of launch. Yinshou Guo is the CTO of Tianji. On his Bio, it is the first time I have heard the term Semantic Web from a senior director in Chinese Internet. His Chinese Bio also says, “Guo is currently leading the design and development of company’s products. The new products are based on the latest technology like ESB, Semantic Web etc, and they will be rolling out soon”! Tianji really has a very impressive management team and seems pretty much technology driven.

Well, will OpenSocial accepted by the majority of Chinese social networks? Let’s leave this complicated question here for future discussion. Now we have the No.1, who wanna be the follower?

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