Siondo, founded by Christian Steiner (CEO) and Jason Devenney (CTO) is a London-based SaaS vendor aims to be a “One Stop Shop” for extensible SaaS business applications. PC Stars Corporation is one of China’s biggest online software distributors. PC Stars has already cooperated with the international leading SaaS supplier and operator, Zoho and deployed its services on its platform Baihui. Confirmed by Christian, Siondo and PC Stars have been working closely for months on the Chinese version of Siondo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which will be released very soon.


Siondo ERP and PC Stars

Siondo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is currently the first software service available via Siondo’s software service platform and it combines all the applications (such as Customer Management, Inventory Management, Supplier Management, Banking etc) into a single, powerful business management solution. It can be fully customized to suit the changing business requirements, and is easily configured to comply with International business legislation and taxation.

It is reported that PC Stars has more than 1,000,000 registered customers, operates sales offices in 7 major provinces, and covers 90%+ of the Chinese market. With the partnership with PC Stars, Siondo is expected to be fully localized and be delivered to over 1 Million Chinese businesses.

Chinese SaaS Market

Although Chinese web is still consumer focused and entertainment-driven, but the future of SaaS market seems quite promising. The SaaS industry was valued  RMB 6.8 billions, and according to CCW Research, the market will reach RMB 40.6 billions by 2011.

Who Is Playing Chinese SaaS

Definitely not consumer. I did not really look into Chinese SaaS market before I write this post and also quite surprised that the market has already being played by diverse parties in China:

  1. ISP: China Mobile launched its Application Data Center (ADC) in 2006; China Telecom operates BizNavigator; China Netcom also offers e-Power services.
  2. The traditional ERP software providers: Kingdee, SAP, Oracle, Ufida spend more and more effort on online business.
  3. Internet Giant: Google and Alibaba. The Alisoft of Alibaba is now one of the leading SaaS platform.
  4. SaaS Platform Operator: Salesforce, 800CRM, Xtools, Olymtech
  5. IT Service Providers: Digital China, the leading integrated IT service provider in China has approximately 8,300 employees, operating over 30 representative office all over China

I do believe China SaaS has huge potential but I also feel the market is a bit overestimated. It still needs time to tell millions of traditional Chinese small-middle companies what the SaaS is. And Zoho provides a bunch of brilliant services, but which Chinese local company is using it, I am afraid that I dont know any.

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  1. It's about data control and security.Small companies don't use SAAS because they want complete control of their data, especially their accounting data.They don't want anyone(especially the government) to easily audit their data in the cloud.

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