I was fortunate enough to come into contact with Dr Grace Pan and Dr Gang Lu while working in Shanghai these past few months. I was struck by their knowledge and passion for the Chinese digital space. Both, were accomplished academically and but more importantly both have extensive working knowledge in online media. Very quickly, we had come up with an idea to arrange a small gathering so we could exchange ideas and thoughts about social marketing in China.

After talking to a couple of friends and they too got enthusiastic about being a part of this, so our idea of a small gathering had turned into a much more formalized affair.. we have a quirky name, DR3 (as we are all PhD’s). Anyway, if you are interested in Social Media Marketing and will be in Shanghai, China on the 29th October then consider registering by clicking (here) or go to Digital Marketing Inner Circle and clicking on the Dr3 icon found on the top right of the communities home page.

We have also been ‘encouraged’ to provide this event in Beijing which I believe may happen in November. Look forward to seeing you either in Shanghai or in Beijing.


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