accoren468It is not often when I get quite excited about a particular campaign. But here is one that captured my imagination. A fully digital, multi-channeled performance marketing campaign being run by Accor Hotels. Not only is there a great prize on offer; a trip to Sydney for two people from China the approach is fresh and I look forward to seeing the results- not just the impressions but the actual ROI that was achieved on this.

In the spirit of full disclosure, SinoTech Group designed and is running this campaign so it is without question that I am personally involved and motivated to have a successful outcome. That said, there is some unique components to this campaign and the lessons learned in designing/running a complex campaign will no doubt help others in China with such aspirations.

The campaign goals were quite simple, develop online ‘buzz’, generate interest in the Accor brand and develop a campaign platform that can be leverage in the coming months for CNY and Valentines promotions.

Like most performance marketing campaigns the success comes down to the ‘offer’. What is the incentive and will this incentive motivate the reader to do something. In this case, a trip for two people to Sydney was a fantastic offer. Hat’s off to the Accor team for putting that up for grabs.

The next critical element is the digital channels being used to distribute the offer. Most in China use a simple one channel campaign either email or search or affiliate marketing. Here we wanted to take a more sophisticated approach. Lets use all performance channels available and monitor (using real-time analytics and performance optimization) to continuing leveraging the best performing channels at the right time. For example, if we are getting better ROI from Search rather than Affiliate Marketing then lets switch budget/efforts towards this channel. Just as we see in the day/time/week usage fluctuations so we should expect to see this also in the actual campaign effort.

Another consideration is the landing page and ad creatives/copy. Each one of these elements will have a bearing in the click through rates (CTR) and on the number of people wanting to participate in the competition. Therefore we must use A/B testing to determine what is working and what is not working from this perspective. It is surprising to me that the landing page I thought would get the most interest was the least popular within the sample group. Goes to show why I am not working in creative. 🙂

Anyway, I will provide a summary in a few weeks time on the actual campaign results and do a much deeper analysis on the outcomes. At this early stage, I am encouraged by the level of interest in the campaign and hope I can get my name selected to go to Sydney.

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