$300 Only, Bandit iPad May Swarm Into The Market in May

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ipad-shanzhaiApple iPad is definitely a big hit in the market. However, if you are aware of the culture of Shanzhaiji (Bandit Phone), you will not be surprised by the “efficiency” of Chinese manufacturers. To make a thing which at least looks like iPad is not a difficult job.

Some Chinese media expected that these iPad-clones from different manufacturers which are mainly based in Shenzhen might swarm into the market in May. The design may be not as nice as Apple iPad, but they obviously look similar. The most interesting points are they are much cheaper (expected only $300), coming with some cool features such as GPS and even micro-projector and powered by Windows Mobile or Android.

Here is the comparison (click for large image):


When Apple’s iPhone just arrived at the market, it soon became the target of many phone manufacturers. It is almost impossible for them to compete with iPhone, but it does not really imply all of them must be labeled “Failures”. Take M8, the best iPhone-liker as an example, it already has street shops open in Shanghai. And recently I found my engineer had one, he is a geek from a tier-2 city; My cousin who lives in my hometown, a small town close to Chengdu and is nothing to do with IT industry, has one too. They want something fancy like iPhone, but are not willing to pay that much of money for it. With M8, they are happy enough.

After Netbook, a new wave of iPad clones is coming…