Back to May 10, 2009, I asked Mr. Zhang from a Japanese investment company, CyberAgent for his opinion on microblogging service. (read the full coverage in Chinese). He said he understood the real-time information generated by this type of service would be very valuable data, but he doubted that most of the Twitter-like startups would have enough resources to survive till they can really deal with the massive real-time data.

So no chance for startups in Chinese microblogging market?! I agreed with Zhang at that time, but we both forgot another key factor, the regulation from the government. Fanfou is gone, Jiwai was not lucky, Digu is alive but has tuned its strategy to focus more on LBS and Social games, sadly, another early adopter, Zuosa is now looking for buyer. In an email from Alex, founder of Zuosa, he told us the team is lack of funding and resources and therefore the only choice left for him is to sell it.

Alex told me Zuosa had over 160K users, 35K daily independent IP. It supports the IMs including MSN,Gtalk,MSN and QQ, and has a couple of phone clients on iPhone,Android, BlackBerry, Java and WAP. Several desktop clients for Windows,Linux and Mac are available too. It’s also interesting to know that in a report on the global microblogging market from, Zuosa is even ranked 5, right after Twitter, Plurk, Digu and Sina.

Is it a sad story after Zuosa’s years’ trying in Chinese microblogging space? You might think it is. But reading from the replies to Alex’s open letter, most of them said: it’s kinda of RELEASE.

Please, if you are interested in talking to Alex, please ping me and I will do the intro. Whatsoever, 160k users are priceless, for sure.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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