Shanghai based online game company The9 is moving its direction to mobile internet.  One of its key initiatives is to bring U.S. social gaming network OpenFeint ( to China.

OpenFeint is a mobile game platform running over iPhones and Android phones. It has over 3,400 games and 45 million users.  Besides playing games, it also allow game players to interact with each other, for example, competing for the best score, inviting friends from facebook, Twitter and address book to play together.

In July, The9 bought some of the share of  U.S. based Aurora Feint, which owns and operates OpenFeint.  It also secured a 5 year contract to operate  OpenFeint in China.  Apart from The9, Intel Capital also has invested into Aurora Feint.

Earlier, the9 has set up a US$100million funds with other investors to develop mobile internet.  It is expected many of the invested companies will distribute their applications via the OpenFeint platform in China.

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