InMobi releases Mobile Insights Report

InMobi, is the world’s largest independent ad network and today released it’s January 2011 edition of its Mobile Insights Report. They takeaway from this as most of us already know is that mobile  smartphones are growing like crazy. Here are some stats:

  • Android impressions nearly quadruple to 5% market share
  • Apple iPhone remains dominant device with 11% of all impressions in Asia Pacific
  • Android (+3.4 share points) and iPhone OS (+1.4 share points) both continue to capture market share
  • The Asia Pacific market grew by 4.3 billion impressions in just 90 days
  • Smartphones represented 23% of all mobile ad impressions in the Asia Pacific region in January 2011
  • Smartphone impressions increased by over 1.5 billion monthly impressions since October 2010
  • Overall growth in the market shows smartphones (+69% growth) outpacing advanced phones (+27% growth)
  • Globally, the total number of mobile advertising impressions grew by a record 31%, driven by the skyrocketing number of smartphone impressions which increased by 5.8 billion during the period

Global OS Share January 2011

OS Impressions % share Point change
Nokia OS 6,375,132,832 20.2 +1.1
Symbian OS 5,762,771,675 18.2 +2.2
iPhone OS 5,030,670,411 15.9 +1.7
Android 4,259,258,148 13.5 +8.6
RIM OS 1,357,942,256 4.3 +0.7
Others 8,828,658,467 27.9 -14.3

VP and Managing Director Asia Pacific at InMobi, Atul Satija commented that  “Increasing mobile usage and smartphone penetration will continue to drive the explosive growth in the Asia Pacific mobile advertising market… Nowhere is mobile established as more of a mass-market medium than in the Asia Pacific, highlighting the region’s importance in the global mobile ecosystem.”

You can download the full report at