Facebook acquired Beluga aiming at mobile group chat. We have not seen anything came out yet, but most likely it is going to integrate group-chat feature into the Facebook mobile app. It seem that Kaixin001, the Chinese social network has done it faster. Feidou, Kaixin001’s group chat product, is available on App Store

We questioned about Haibei not being integrated into Kaixin001. Again, Kaixin001 decided to launch this group chat feature as a separate product, instead of integration into its mobile app. On Feidou you can invite and chat with your Kaixin001’s and Weibo’s friends as well as your phone contacts (by sending sms invitations). Right now, Feidou allows max 50 users chatting at the same time. Like other group chat apps, users can also share images easily on Feidou. We talked about Kaixin001’s another new product, Haibei, the web-based group focus social networks. Feidou seems a good complement to Haibei on the mobile site, although we could not see any integration so far.

Feidou is also available for Android, Symbian V3. We also heard that the coming release will add voice chat feature, just like Talkbox. That would be quite interesting feature for Kaixin001’s millions of users.

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