Initially launched internationally in end 2008, Tuding later launched a brand new version which is more localized for China in Feb. 2011 with a new official website Based on its original location-based service, the new Tuding highlights its new functions of photo filters and photo sharing. Users can choose from more than 10 filters to embellish their photos, then share them with friends. Tuding provides a simple and handy platform that supporting mainstream sync platforms such as Kaixin001, Sina Weibo. Users don’t even need to sign up for logging on Tuding, which greatly lower the door threshold for users.

By now, Tuding has garnered 3,000,000 registered users globally. After refocusing on China, we estimate active users are around 10% of registered users, or 300,000. Interestingly, seen from some data graphs from the company, male users has a larger proportion than females.

More than 60% of users are born after late 80s, and over 20% born after 90s.

Geographically, nearly 50% Tuding users are from Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong province.

Apart from China, Tuding also has large number of users from North America and Europe.

As a new user of Tuding, I find it very Instagram-like. Fortunately, more than a direct copying, it also includes considerable localization, by integrating social networking+LBS+weibo+photos into an easy and simple use experience.

With the increasingly close relationship between Sina and GyPSii, I speculate there will be more collaboration between Tuding, WeiLingDi and Weibo in 2011.

About GyPSii

Founded in 2007 by Netherlands based GeoSolutions, a developer of location-based technologies, GyPSii is a real-time location based social network for mobile and Internet-connected devices. GyPSii allows its users to share their real-life experiences by using apps to create, upload, view and share photos, vidoes, find friends’ locations and more. GyPSii connects people, places, communities, content and advertising across networks and devices, as well as provides apps and Open API solutions to a wide range of companies, such as Samsung, LG, China Unicom, China Telecom,etc. GyPSii’s Tuding and Weilingdi are two global leading location-based mobile social networking apps.

Born in the generation after 80s and has MA degree in TEFL from Swansea University, UK. She loves travelling around and is interested in education, technology, environmental protection, creative designs,...

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