, People Suspect It Is the Facebook China Operated by Baidu is in public beta. To differentiate from other social networks, Funzz calls itself the new, interest-focus social network.

Obviously, Funzz does not lie about this. When you first log on Funzz, you will be given a list of interests to choose from and the system will then populate a list of users who have the same interests with you. Funzz comes with several major features, Micro BBS, Group, Space, Events and all these clearly focus on one thing, user’s interest. You can interact with other users with the same interests in micro BBS; join a Football-lover’s group; share your interests on your space (profile page) and participate certain event (salon, travel etc).

I would not say Funzz is nice designed and its functions are quite limited right now as well. But it indeed brings some fresh air to the tedium local social networks. Forget about Six-degree theory and it might be time to reshape the social networks from Social Graphs to Interest Graphs.

Funzz is based in Beijing according its About page but its ICP is registered in Guangdong. People feel Funzz is kinda of unique and some of them even suspect Funzz is the rumored Facebook China operated by Baidu. We have no evidence to prove that, but what really caught my eyes and makes me believe Funzz will be special, is the following video produced by Funzz. It’s just too good.