Guohe Ad – mobile Ad integrator

If you are a mobile app developer, have you ever wondered which mobile ad platform should you use, which one can give you the highest payback, or CPM? Actually, you need not concern about such issues, if you use the services of Guohe Ad.

The Beijing based company integrates 10 of the most popular ad platforms in China, including Youmi, Domob, Wiad (from Wiyun), WooBoo, AdChina and SmartMad, and three global ad platform, iAd from Apple, AdMob from Google and Millennial Media. So that, app developers can dynamically adjust the sources and display of their ads and maximize their payback. For example, if today ads from Youmi is paying the highest rate, you can adjust all your apps to display Youmi ad.

Also, another important function Guohe Ad offered to its app developers is a third party monitoring feature. App developers can monitor the actual traffic and ad impression of their apps from Guohe Ad’s analytics platform, so that, they can check these with the numbers provided by the ad platforms.

“This is very important because some of the ad platform will reduce the payout rate for different reasons, for example, the ad is displayed to the same person too many times,” said Ron Zhang, marketing director of Guohe Ad, “With our analytics platform, App developers can at least know what is happening, rather than taking the ad platforms words blindly.”

Founded last year, Guohe Ad currently serves over 10 million ad requests per day and covers millions of smartphone users. Most of the apps using Guohe are games. Apps for reading fictions, news, jokes are also popular. Last but not least, the utility type of apps, for example those for weather, subway station, managing data of the mobile phone, etc.

The company just launched a new version, internally codenamed Guohe 3.0. “The user interface is greatly improved. The old interface has lots of limitation. With the new version, app developers can visualize the process of turning impressions into revenue more clearly and hence optimize the process,” said Ron.

Another new feature is called G-circle. It is like a marketplace for App developers to exchange ads with each other. “If app developers want to promote their apps but they cannot pay, they can use this function to do ad exchange with other apps. We have a formula to make sure the transaction is fair,” said Ron.

Guohe Ad got an angel investment at the end of last year and it is considering further funding plan later this year.