Tencent today officially announced that, its social network service, QZone was to release its new version (QZone 6.0) this summer. No further details were given yet, but after 6 years operation, it seems that Tencent is going to revamp its QZone service. According to the screenshot revealed on QZone 6.0’s official site, it is just like the Tumblr.

All of sudden, Tumblr-like service attracts more and more eyeballs in Chinese web. Startups like Kuantu and Innovation Works’ Diandian are working on that; Shanda has launched Tuita, and Sina Weibo’s Tumblr-liker is in test as well. And it’s said that QZone has around 500million active users.

We still need wait for QZone 6.0’s final launch. But it becomes like Tumblr, I would be happy to give it a try. (I’ve never used QZone as it is too complex and messy like MySpace for me.)

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