Good news for fans of Camera360, one of the most popular Android photo app,  its long-waiting iPhone version will be available on the app store soon, confirmed by Xu Hao, CEO of Camera360. In a recent interview with Xu Hao, he said that Camera360 had 6million users worldwide, and this number is increasing 20,000-30,000 daily. Note that Instagram recently is reported 5million users, only.

In a visit to Camera360’s Chengdu office, Xu Hao showed me its upcoming iPhone version. It comes with pretty neat design, a couple of cool and high performance photo filters, such as LOMO, B&W, HDR, Japanese style, Handy painted etc, as it offers in Android version. What’s more, it also comes with a few handy functions, such as continuous shooting mode in which up to 180 photos can be taken per minute; two grid, four grid jigsaw shooting mode; red-eye auto removal; focus and photometry adjustment by single finger etc.

I am a bit surprised that the social networking elements is still missing in the new iPhone version, such as photo sharing, comments by users etc. Xu explained that they will introduce the social functions to Camera360 for sure, but they don’t think they are ready for it yet. At this stage, they just want to focus on the core functions, i.e. the photo filters. If our users really love our product, introduce of social functions is just a nature move, and we don’t want to rush for it.

iPhone recently released its iOS5 which causes lots of arguments saying Apple is now startup killers as its iCloud, iMessenger etc might leave cloud storage apps, kik-like messengers in dangerous situation. Photo is of course one of the very basic but also important functions for a phone, there is no sigh of Apple’s trying to improve it yet, but who knows why this giant will do next (Photo Booth is actually quite an interesting applications). “I think Apple should buy you one day.” I was joking at Xu.

The iPhone version would be priced at $0.99.

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