There have been rumors recently that Xiaomi Tech will officially release a customized Android UI called MIUI in late July and an MIUI mobile phone in September.

Founded in April 2010, Xiaomi official website claims  to “focus on the iPhone, Android and other next-generation smart phone software development and trends of mobile Internet business operations.” To many people’s surprise, only 8 months after its launch,Xiaomi Tech raised US$ 35 million at a valuation of US$ 200 million from Morningside Group and Qiming Venture Partners.

The products Xiaomi Tech has released so far include Xiaomi Chat , Xiaomi Reading, Xiaomi Share, Xiaomi Driver and Millet Notes. Rumors say Xiaomi will launch its own MIUI phone M1 in September. M1 will have Qualcomm’s Dual-Core 1.5Ghz CPU and a 480 x 854 LCD screen at a price of about RMB 1,600(US$250).

Xiaomi Tech’s high profile investor, famous angel Lei Jun seems “unwilling” to confirm this rumor, but media pointed out that he and others from Xiaomi have not denied it yet.  Some observers say Xiaomi was repeating its history——MIUI had been released through community and got traction before it was confirmed to be a product of Xiaomi, and this“ sneakiness”has caused some complains from Xiaomi’s rivals.

Is this a tactic has something to do with Lei Jun’s philosophy? He recently claimed that success is 85 percent of luck and entrepreneurs should believe in things like fate and horoscope. “The most important work I do is to watch stars at night.” He said half-jokingly. Or this is another attempt to make rivals to relax vigilance?

The list of Xiaomi Tech executives is impressive. CEO Lin Bin is former vice director of Google China Academy of Engineering; vice president Huang Jiangji used to serve as development director of Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering; vice president Hong Feng is former Google China Product Manager; another vice president Li Wanqiang used to be the president of Kingsoft.

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