HTC has worked with Facebook and released its HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa which have a dedicated Facebook key to give users one-touch access to their social network. Now HTC did it again in China, but not with the social network RenRen. Instead, HTC partners with Sina Weibo. The phone model is HTC Salsa with the Facebook button replaced by Sina Weibo, for Chinese market, it’s renamed to Weike.

It would be boring to list the specs and features of Weibo phone here. I guess it’s easy for everyone to figure out how Weibo is integrated into HTC Salsa’s Android system. But there are a few questions I am quite curious for the answers,

1. We know Weibo is hot, but the Weike will be good sell in China? I would love to have a HTC phone and big fan of Weibo, but for me, a dedicated Weibo key can catch some eyeballs but is definitely not an attractive enough selling point.

2. Why Weibo, not RenRen. We know RenRen is not the equivalent of Facebook, but HTC believe Weibo will be the one in China?

3. Not just the Weibo application, Sina’s other mobile applications such as Weilindi (the LBS service), Sina Music etc are also pre-installed.  It’s really a Sina phone. We also reported about the Alibaba phone, QQ phone, and Xiaomi Phone is coming in August too. Do we really need a couple of choice of re-Branded phone?

Weibo phone by HTC, a nice marketing cooperation!

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