Shanda, one of the largest game and entertainment platforms in China, announced that its cloud computing efforts are ready for public test this Thursday, highlighting another giant Chinese internet company ventures into the promising but winding area after Alibaba’s cloud strategy.

The cloud services released by the game vendor include “compute cloud, cloud storage, Elastic Block Storage, Digital Delivery System and Cloud Monitoring Service”.

According to Shanda Online VP Ji Xinhua, the company sees cloud computing both as a new breed of technology and a new kind of business model. Shanda is aiming to ramp up a public cloud computing platform to serve Chinese companies, similar to what Amazon offers its clients with AWS(Amazon Web Services). Shanda have tested its own cloud dog food first, running these cloud services throughout the organization.

With its well-rounded cloud services, Shanda will provide internet companies with one-stop service, ranging from computing, storage, networking, digital distribution to monitoring, and the convenience of managing everything from one place.

Shanda isn’t the only Chinese internet company with such offering and ambition, Alibaba has  set up cloud computing subsidiary Alibaba Cloud Computing in 2009. Sina which traditionally more of a media company rather than technology one has also came up with its own cloud service, SAE, Sina App Engine, similar to Google’s GAE.

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