Chinese professional SNS sites have waken up in the wake of LinkedIn’s successful IPO. Dajie, one of the business SNS sites in China, pulls in US$ tens of millions in funding from Fidelity, New Oriental and Hotung Investment.

Founded by former Renren executive vice president and Chief Marketing Officer Wang Xiujuan in 2008 and went online in March 2009, Dajie to date has more than 6.2 million users who graduated from over 3,000 universities and colleges in China. The site is based on real name users and real business relationships, helping its users to find a job or expand their business network. Dajie promoted itself as an advanced job hunting platform for Chinese college students, claiming it has spent years exploring how to establish business relationships and business social networking.

“Dajie isn’t simply a combination of SNS and recruitment, it’s not a supplement to the traditional online employment site. And it’s not that hard to become the No.1 in Chinese online employment area.” Dajie founder Wang said so in an interview several years ago.

Dajie started its strategy of taking up white-collar business social networking market this May, signaling the shift of its focus from students to white-collars.

But personally I do not see Dajie as a Chinese LinkedIn as it claims. It’s more of a vertical online employment site for fresh graduates who are eager to secure their first job. So basically, the website should be crowded with college students as it said so, and does the situation ring a bell with you? Yes, Renren, the largest Chinese SNS which is a stronghold of students has tried something similar before. And the effort could be seen to have failed.

Renren debuted its online recruitment initiative Renren Zhaopin (means recruitment) in March, 2010, hoping its myriad student user base could be leveraged to generate demands and traffic to complete its platform, but only to find its users didn’t take it serious. If they’re looking for a job, they would choose 51job, or ChinaHR over Renren.

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