At the 9th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference – ChinaJoy, OurGame CEO Yang Qin disclosed the future strategies for the long-established causal game operator which has been struggling for a while due to the fierce competition from Tencent and Shanda.

Yang Qin said that OurGame has been back on track after addressing the turmoil of dispersed ownership. The company has set up the goal of focusing on casual game and chess and card game as well as stripping off less-relevant businesses. On top of client-based games, OurGame has also been working on browser-based and mobile games lately with the set-up of specialized team and studios and the imminent launch of a bunch of mobile and browser-based titles. Those games will be made available on other social media platforms as well, which means OurGame will serve as content provider for the first time since it used to be one of the largest game platform itself.

Yang also disclosed that OurGame has reached breakeven now with a faster growing pace; the company has recruited over 200 new staffs since the beginning of this year.

But OurGame need to move fast since browser games market is seeing fiercer rivalry with competitors including 9Wee,, SnailGame and so on with their lucrative titles. There’re currently more than 200 companies engaging in this waterfront. The good thing is, the market is increasing rapidly and big enough, according to market research firm iResearch, the market size for browser games is nearly US$ 354 million (RMB 2.28 billion) in 2010 in China, and is expected to grow even stronger in the years to come.

ChinaJoy is the largest and most famous online game fair in China, with over 300 game vendors including both domestic (Shanda, Changyou, NetEase, Perfect World etc.) and foreign ones (EA, Blizzard, Zynga, Kabam), animation productions and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic players from across the world all gathered in Shanghai to celebrate their own festival.

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