Five startups presented at our monthly event TechNode Touch (TNT) Beijing last Sunday at the Garage Cafe: VGO, ShengDianBao, Ayotime, Papaya Mobile and Guohead.

VGO – an innovative Weibo app. As Weibo becomes a very popular social service, it also becomes common people are asking each other’s weibo account when they meet. VGO provides an easy solution for that. Both of you just turn on VGO and shake your iPhones, then you two will auto follow each other so no need spending time on searching or typing the other’s weibo account. VGO also added a location-based social networking feature, you share your iPhone, it will give you a list of weibo users who are close to you.

Shengdianbao (SDB) – an Android app to help saving battery life. For Android users, most of them are not happy with its battery life. SDB analyzes and monitors the apps running on your Android phone and can auto turn off those tricky apps who are eating your battery power. The founder of SDB said 30%-50% battery life can be saved with SDB installed.

Ayotime – a service which can help users to ‘trade’ their Free time. The site is not fully finished yet. According to its founder, Guan Feng, every user can post his/her Free time slot and set a price for it. If you want to send someone to buy a gift for your girlfriend who is in another city, you can just try Ayotime to find someone who live in that city and how much he charges for his time. Guan said the mobile app is also under development.

You may read more details about Papaya and Guohead in our previous interviews and coverage. Both companies also joined the panel discussion about the business value of SDK, together with UMeng and Mobcent.

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