As we mentioned before, Yao Ming announced his retirement on 20th, July this year, the ending of the NBA version of Yao dynasty, yet a new chapter in his dynasty – to become an investor – is set to be wrote.

As it’s known to all, Yao invested in, a copyrighted music streaming and download service, UniStrong, the largest Chinese GPS device manufacturer among others. And recently during an interview Yao elaborated bit more about his investment mindset.

As for why picking up UniStrong, he said that:”Firstly, I’m always a big fan of high-tech stuff, By using them I get the most out of them. Secondly, spatial information technology is the emerging pillar industry with unlimited business value and profound potential. Based on my knowledge of UniStrong and our team’s ongoing research of this industry, we have faith in its future and believe this company will play a big role in China’s spatial information technology. I personally attach much importance to the long-term value of every investment deal we made.”

Yao continued with:”Two keywords of my investment mindset should be ‘interests’ and ‘understanding’. Every deals from Shanghai Sharks, to UniStrong, from sports, music to spatial information technology, all those are emerging industries that I enjoy and familiar with. I invest in them because I have faith in its future development under China’s maturing market. It’s foreseeable that there would be pitfalls and setbacks. However, we shouldn’t judge them and make hasty decisions based on what we learnt from traditional industries. Stocks go up and down all the time, I don’t pay much attention to the short-term revenue for long-term value is what I’m looking for.”

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