NFC (Near Field Communication) has been on hype for a while for its convenience and simplification in use. However, it seems the highly praised technology is too advanced to being adopted for everyday use for the time being. Partly for the inadequacy in smartphones that support NFC and partly because of  few mobile-based services are ready for that.

The awkwardness is on track to be removed with the influx of more and more NFC-ready mobile and service. NOKIA and LBS service Jiepang are leading the trend in a recent joint-force.

NOKIA  launched 3 brand-new NFC built-in smartphones NOKIA 600, NOKIA 700, and NOKIA 701 that use its Symbian Belle system last night. At the same time, Jiepang is also releasing new stickers that support NFC check-in to replace the former ones.

Jiepang founder and CEO David Liu said:”Jiepang and Nokia are both early-adopters of NFC technology, we’ll leverage this advanced technology to improve our user experience and we’re looking forward to further our cooperation with Nokia to bring our users more surprises.”

Usually, whenever we check in with Jiepang, we take out the phone open Jiepang app then wait for the app to find our whereabouts before check in. Now, with NFC-ready phone and new Jiepang sticker, we can check in by just waving smartphones near or tapping them on the sticker, that’s it, easy and hassle-free.

And for businesses, the benefits of NFC check-in lie with the accuracy of customers’ checkins. They will also have access to customers’ spending habits, which enables them to carry out targeted and more effective marketing efforts.

Jiepang is the leading LBS service provider and an early adopter of new technology with over 1.3 million users to date. The company has partnered with over 300 big-name brands including NOKIA, Starbucks, McDonalds, and Nike as well teaming up with local businesses to offer coupons or discount for customers who check-in with Jiepang.

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