Seriously, Do We Need That Many of Tumblr? The New Players Include RenRen and NetEase

We did a roundup about Chinese liker/copies of Tumblr last month, but certainly, the love to Tumblr has not come to the end. Three new players are now in the market, including the leading Chinese social network, RenRen, the leading portal NetEase and a startup.

RenRen Xiaozhan ( was launched yesterday. You can use your RenRen account to login and the content (image, video, music etc) you published on Xiaozhan can be synced back to your RenRen profile page., the rumored Netease’s Tumblr is now confirmed. It’s now at private test stage and we don’t know how much it’s like Tumblr. But judging by its main page, it’s very nicely designed and I love that promotion video too. is launched by a Shenzhen-based company. The most interesting part is that it allows users to login with Fanfou’s account. Fanfou is one of the earliest copy of Twitter launched by Wang Xin who is now the founder of Meituan. But be honest, I don’t even remember my Fanfou’s account and password.

Xu Chaojun, CEO of Diandian gave a nice description and comparison about Weibo, Blog and Lite-Weibo (Tumblr). He said,

If Blog is a Book, then Weibo is the Daily Newspaper, and Lite-Weibo is the Magazine.

It indeed makes sense, but how many magazines do you actually read? I only read IT-related magazines and definitely I am only interested in at most 1-2 magazines every month.