1. Rumor Says Kaixin001 To Open Up Group Buying Service

Kaixin001, one of the most popular Chinese SNS service is considering shifting its strategy regarding group buying, people familiar with the matter said. The company will team up with a third party daily deal service to operate its own group buying service.

For the past month, Chinese groupons including Lashou, Meituan, Ftuan and Manzuo all approached the Beijing-based SNS to negotiate the potential tie-up.

Kaixin001 made its first foray into group buying forefront in last Decmember, targeting white-collars in big cities.

2. Baidu Takes Its Recruitment Service Seriously With New Domain and Branding

As we mentioned couple months ago, Baidu is on track to enhance its online recruitment service with the later on launch of independent site with new domain name and branding. And now that day has come.

According to local report, a Baidu exec disclosed that Baidu is about to launch the revamped new service soon with a new branding name BaiBo(百伯) and a new logo.

It was said that Baidu will invest over RMB 100 million (US$ 15.5 million) to strengthen its online employment solution.

3. 8.53 million Chinese iPhone Users Choose China Mobile Over Official Partner China Unicom

At the 2011 Summer Davos Forum, Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile, one of the largest operator in the world disclosed that the mobile giant is providing service for over 8.53 million Apple iPhone users, while the company actually isn’t an official iPhone partner in mainland China.

The Beijing-based mobile operator tried to strike a deal with Apple to introduce iPhone to China’s market back in 2007, without good outcome. China Unicom, the third largest operator in China partners with Apple to offer iPhone here since late 2009. China Telecom, the second largest operator in China is also reportedly introducing iPhone 5 to China in Oct. of this year.

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