1. Alibaba Requires Real-name Authentication For All China Site Users

Alibaba, China’s largest international B2B e-commerce service put up a notice today requiring all users on its China site to authenticate as real-name users, be it buyer or seller.

According to the e-commerce giant:”Real-name authentication is aiming to strengthen the authenticity and validity of Alibaba users. We’re devote to provide our users with a authentic, trustable and safe ecommerce platform while real-name authentication is just the first step and a small part of the effort.”

This isn’t the first time Alibaba made efforts to clean up its B2B site in the wake of a fraud scandal in this Feb. that more than 2,300 of its sellers engaged in fraud sales with the help of Alibaba staff. CEO David Wei and COO Elvis Lee of the B2B site resigned to “take responsibility for the systemic breakdown in our company’s culture of integrity”.

2. Qihoo 360 Secretly Launches Mobile Browser For Android

Qihoo 360 is really at it. The online security company secretly launches a mobile browser for Google’s Android OS with features like website links aggregator, cloud-based bookmarks and so on.

360 actually owns two browsers (360 Safe Browser and TheWorld) that has a combined market share of over 20%, making the company the largest browser vendor in China. However, when it comes to the mobilefront, it’s not for 360 to rule. UC browser by UCWeb and QQ Mobile browser by Tencent are dominating that territory.

3. Kingsoft KuaiPan Claims 5 Million Users

KuaiPan, the Chinese Dropbox by software vendor Kingsoft now claims 5 million users. According to Yang Gang who heads up the service, KuaiPan will be spun off by year end and operate independently.

KuaiPan allows its users to upload, download and share contents via PC client, Android/iOS apps and a dedicated website. The service differentiate itself from Dropbox by serving users with online office document editing functions, since Kingsoft which founded in 1988 has been making office software for over 22 years.

KuaiPan is also considering raising money for further expansion. The service will tap into Japan, Europe and U.S. with paid service.


Stan Shih, Android Will Outrun iOS, Eventually

Stan Shih, founder of giant PC maker Acer predicts that Android eventually will have larger impact than Apple’s iOS due to Google and other companies’ continuing promotion and efforts.

He also ascribed Apple’s success to its constant craving for innovation.

Ding Lei, Apple Rocks

During a speech given to Tsinghua University by Ding Lei, founder of online portal and gaming powerhouse NetEase, Ding spent like half of the speech raving about Apple’s innovation, joking that he has became a salesperson for Apple.

It seems to Ding that Apple has impressive innovation capability. By dipping its toes into the mobile area Apple made life harder for RIM and NOKIA.

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