1. HTC Confirmed Developing Proprietary Mobile OS

HTC North Asia General Manager Dong Junliang disclosed in Seoul, Korea that the company has been developing its own mobile OS. ”We’ll also strengthen our relationship with partners like Microsoft and Google”, he added.

He also mentioned that HTC has filed patent lawsuit against Apple in the U.S. and “without question we will win the case.”

HTC isn’t the only one involved in Apple’s lawsuit over Android patent issues. The iPhone maker also sued over Samsung in Europe and Asia.

It seems to some analysts that HTC’s new move is a tricky step since if its proprietary mobile OS fails to win over customers the company might get into big trouble and lose ground to Samsung, one of its biggest competitors in smartphone area.

Samsung has also developed its own mobile OS Bada and is trying to promote the OS in many areas as we wrote before.

2. Newegg China Pulls In $109M In H1, Might Seek For Investment And Go Public Independently

Newegg China CEO Chi Yongxin said during an interview that the Chinese subsidiary of Newegg pulled in $109m in the first half of this year, up 50% from a year earlier.

The company has just replaced its Chief Executive, one anonymous NewEgg China executive said that “the company’s hesitation in new strategies triggered former CEO’s resignation.”

Founded in the States in 2001 and made its inroads into China in the same year, NewEgg China has long been criticized for its “inadequate effort to expansion and localization”.

According to Chi, Newegg China is still in loss.

He also mentioned that the board’s internal deliberation suggests the possibility of introducing outside investors for Newegg China. And the site would go public independently in the future.

Chi once disclosed that Newegg US will initiate IPO process in a year or two.

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  1. I really, really wish HTC would have snatched up WebOS from Palm a few years ago. And even now it doesn’t seem too late!

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