Gaopeng Accused Over Counterfeit Tissot Watch

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Gaopeng, the Groupon-Tencent JV in China was in trouble again. The Beijing-based group buying site was accused of selling counterfeit Tissot watches.

Hundred of customers claimed that the RMB 690 yuan (US$108) Tissot watch they bought from a deal provided by Gaopeng wasn’t genuine, and was considering a class suit over the beleaguered website.

Gaopeng denied such claim saying would contact Tissot outlets for further inspecting. This follows the claim by a salesperson at one of Beijing’s Tissot outlets that the “Gaopeng Tissots” were not genuine products.

Local administration for industry and commerce said they would try to reach out to the Swiss watch maker for further information.

Gaopeng isn’t the only one involved in such pitfall. We mentioned that Amazon China and Dangdang are also thought to hold responsibility for fake luxury goods.