We know eCommerce for luxury products is getting hot, and players are raising huge amount of money. I don’t buy luxury stuff so can not share with you any customer experience on those sites. I can not tell if their service is good, but what I can definitely tell you is that never think of buying luxury products on Amazon China or DangDang. I know both are huge and listed, but the fact is they are selling counterfeit products. Shame!

TechWeb today published a long article to condemn both sites’ irresponsibility. Just to give an example, for Emporio Armani AR0257 watch, I found the average price with discount listed on a few foreign eCommerce sites is like $150 and on Amazon US a used one is priced even at $199, but on Amazon China, the same model it only costs ~$86. You may know usually luxury or international brand products are more expensive than the ones in US/EU, so how come that watch is just 1/2 of the oversea price? There is only one reason can explain that, the product is counterfeit. 5 comments out of 8 on that watch from previous buyers also prove, the quality is very disappointing. The most controversial part is that on the product page, Amazon China clearly says Genuine Product Guarantee. Ridiculous!

If Dangdang, Amazon China are doing this, who can promise other B2C eCommerce sites would not? The West doubt and question about Chinese companies’ IPO run, well, I guess they should.

Gang Lu

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  1. but i think your idea is not definitely right,all of things have two sides.anyway,shopping online,from China or any stores from other country should be more careful.

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