The iPhone 4S Released in Hong Kong Today – Already Sold Out

Today, it was Hong Kong’s turn to scramble for the new iPhone 4S. Thousands of people lined up outside the new flagship store.

Like a rock concert with crazed fans, the iPhone 4S launch attracted a hoard of people that needed to be controlled by police. There are some reports saying that a gang of professional scalpers from Southern Asia, threatened locals for a prime position in the queue or to just leave.

The 16Gb is selling for HK$5,088 or 4,151 RMB, 32Gb for HK$5,888 or 4,800 RMB and the 64Gb for HK$6,688 5,400 RMB. Hong Kong is one of the cheapest places to get Apple products. As a comparison, the 16Gb is selling for AUD$7,99 in Australia or 5,133 RMB, about 1,000 RMB more! Of course people looking to take advantage of pent up demand have started to sell the iPhone 4S in the mainland on Taobao. The cheapest I could find was 4,988 RMB.

Just after three hours, all have been sold out. When in Australia I was trying to buy an iPhone 4S for a friend and it is extremely difficult! All stores have no stock and the only way to get one is to buy online which can take up to two weeks to deliver or try to reserve one at 9pm everyday and then pick it up the next day at a store. I tried reserving but I could never get it!

Will the craze ever end?