2011.11.11, $820m Transaction Volume, the Miracle Day for Taobao and TMall

2011.11.11 is named the “Super Singles Day” in China as you have to wait another 100 years to see next 11/11/11. I don’t know why this date’s getting so special, but people including couples did celebrate it for fun and it did bring huge commercial opportunities. The online shopping platform, Taobao and TMall has just done a superb job, and you could even call it a Miracle.

According to Taobao’s official data we just got,

  • Started at 00:00, 3.42 millions users jumped onto Taobao within only 1 minute;
  • It only took 8 minutes to reach rmb 100millions (~$15.8m) transaction volume, another 13 minutes to reach rmb 200millions (~$31.5m), and 11 minutes later the transaction volume reached rmb 300millions (~$47.3m).
  • At the time 11:11am, the transaction volume reached rmb 1.154billions (~$182m);
  • By 24:00, the total transaction volume reached rmb 3.36 billions (~$530m);
  • On the date 11/11/11, the total transaction volume on Taobao and TMall reached rmb 5.2billion (~$820m), and the number of transaction reached 336.9 millions.

Well, I am wondering with that amount of orders, how could Taobao/TMall get them delivered on time.