It’s not the first time for Alibaba trying to enter the social network. Taojianghu is its first product with serious interest in social networking. It makes sense for Alibaba’s eCommerce business as Taojianghu is built around Taobao, in other words, it’s meant to be a social eCommerce platform. The bad news is that Taojianghu has not gone really social at all, still.

However, Alibaba did not give up the social network market. Today, a new social networking site is quietly launched, and the domain is registered by Alibaba.

Laiwang, in Chinese means In Contact. Also Read from its About, it says Laiwang is to help everyone to keep in touch with the connections with their good friends, track your wonderful moment in your life, anytime and anywhere. The service is available to on both Android and iPhone. So it sounds like a social network for mobile.

Mobile market leaves plenty of opportunities for everyone. The launch of Laiwang, does it mean Alibaba wants a bit market in mobile social work? and will it become a sort of mobile social eCommerce service? We will see.

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  1. Taojianghu  is very funny,I like to find some friends there.I am looking forward to see the Alibaba’s Mobile Social Network.

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